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La scena musicale più influente del nuovo millennio

The scene takes place within the New York scene of the early 2000s: the last and most important era of rock'n'roll before the use of technology within music; a pre-Spotify era, ideal, arrogant and romantic, reverberated and then echoed all over the world. In the alternation of archival footage, never-before-seen footage and testimonials from the bands that defined and shaped this era, we find groups like The Strokes, Vampire Weekend, LCD Soundsystem, Yeah Yeah Yeah's and Interpol; these are just some of the big names that play in this nascent music scene in the climate of post-punk rebirth of the New York scene, marked by the tragedy of the Twin Towers. The film is the re-adaptation of Lizzie Goodman's book, a faithful account of one of the golden eras of rock, with which directors Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern catapult us to relive those fiery years for the duration of the show.


Directors: Will Lovelace, Dylan Southern

Editing: Andrew Cross, Sam Rice-Edwards Screenplay: Lizzie Goodman Sound: Karen Crossan Production: Suroosh Alvi Genre: Documentary Year: 2022 Country: Great Britain Duration: 105' Language: English (v.o. sub. It)

A seguire, concerto live della band The Wends.

Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern are two documentary filmmakers and have directed major music films like No Distance Left to Run (2010) which focused on Blur. Their most acclaimed work is the LCD Soundsystem documentary Shut Up and Play the Hits (2012), which premiered at Sundance. Also premiering at Sundance in 2022, Meet Me In The Bathroom is their most recent work.