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“The Last Picture Show” with 90s country stars

Do you remember the night the biggest country legends since Johnny Cash met? Troyal Brux, Garth Brooks' stunt double, finds himself facing the legendary George Jones, who is about to be cryogenically frozen. A feverish dream infused with whisky, guns, women begins, in which Troyal begins to regret having known his own legend, because he is forced to cross his dark side, to recognize the filth that is in that much loved music. Two celebrities, one at the peak of his success, the other well beyond, confront each other as father and son within a black and white capable of distorting the American country iconography of the 90s and transforming it into a cinema classic 70s flowing at a pace that has a lot to say and not a lot of time to say.



Director: Mickey Reece

Cinematography: Samuel Calvin Editing: Mickey Reece Screenplay: Mickey Reece, John Selvidge Sound: Nicholas McDonald Music: Nicholas Poss Production: Betmar-Heliand, The Straits Genre: Comedy Year: 2022 Country: USA Running time: 82' Language: English (v.o. sub. It)


Mickey Reece is a screenwriter and director from Oklahoma City. Born in 1982, he has directed over 25 independent feature films in just over a decade, experimenting and ranging between forms and genres of arthouse cinema. Among his recent works: Mickey Reece's Alien (2017); Strike, Dear Mistress, and Cure His Heart (2018) and Climate of the Hunter (2019), both presented at Fantastic Fest; Agnes (2021) acclaimed at the Fantasia Film Festival, in Sitges and awarded for directing and leading actor at the Molins Film Festival.