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The most important exam in Paula's life, first-of-class at the Main Character School: the one to transform from Supporting Character into Leading one. Too bad that her musical theme decides to get stuck, reducing itself to a few out of tune notes instead of playing an exciting melody. To find out why, Paula pushes herself to the margins of the screenplay and editing, where the Outtakes Charachers live as outcasts. She begins a detection that makes the sci-fi fairy tale overflow in a dizzying meta-cinematographic joint with the flavor of Satoshi Kon, Terry Gilliam and Spike Jonze. The self-reflection of the medium, the mystery and the sentimental lunge are mirrored in the open scene of the conflicts that link subjectivity and society (of the show), utopia and status quo, up to a hopefully subversive ending.



Director: Sophie Linnenbaum

Cinematography: Valentin Selmke Editing: Kai Eiermann Screenplay: Sophie Linnenbaum, Michael Fetter Nathansky Sound: Nicolas Voß Music: Fabian Zeidler Production: Bandenfilm Laura Klippel & Britta Strampe GbR Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure Year: 2022 Country: Germany Running time: 120' Language: German (v.o. sub. It)

Sophie Linnenbaum, director and screenwriter born in Nuremberg, after graduating in psychology and working as a playwright she studied directing at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf and directed series and documentaries. Her short films have won several awards and have been screened in numerous national and international festivals. Her documentary “Stories of Dads” won the FFF Förderpreis Dokumentarfilm at the DOKFest in Munich and was nominated for the German Documentary Award. “The Ordinaries” is her graduation film and her first feature film.