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Dentro ognuno di noi c’è un divo

Karaoke culture has surprisingly taken off in the cold north of Europe, particularly in Finland, even though its inhabitants are not known for being the most extroverted people in the world. Karaoke Paradise takes us into the warmth of inns and bars, places where it is enough to a microphone in hand and find yourself singing some pop classic together. There are those who suffer from a serious illness, those who suffer from a loss, those who are looking for a soul mate or those who just want to be called "The Beast of the Wood". Nominated for the best documentary award at the European Film Awards, the film Einari Paakkanen gently and gracefully balances the tragicomic and the sentimental. In doing so, he finds balance in a Kaurismäki-esque mood that releases sweet vibes for all those lonely souls who cheer up the weight of life with the glue of music.



Director: Einari Paakkanen

Screenplay: Einari Paakkanen Cinematography: Marita Hällfors Editing: Antti Reikko, Einari Paakkanen Sound: Pietu Korhonen Producer: Marianne Mäkelä Genre: Documentary Year: 2022 Country: Finland Running time: 72' Language: Finnish (v.o. sub. It)


Einari Paakkanen (born in 1980) is a Finnish film director. After earning a master's degree in documentary filmmaking at ESCAC in Barcelona, he made his debut by presenting his first feature-length documentary My Father From Sirius at the Warsaw Film festival in 2016. His films, screened at festivals such as CPH:DOX and Visions du Réel, focusing on human relationships and communication with others.