The story of a genius who chose not to be a genius

This is the story of Vittorio Camardese: starting from Basilicata, in the 1950s he anticipated techniques and attitudes of international jazz and rock. While playing with the greats of the Roman jazz scene, Camardese has never recorded a single note: why remain in the shadows when you can claim a place in the history of music alongside Eddie Van Halen? Camardese's story spans 40 years of Italian history, from the post-war period to the Dolce Vita, from the cultural programs of the 70s to the pop explosion in the 80s. Coming up to the dawn of the new millennium, the film tells a lot about music, the responsibility of talent and the fear of success.



Director: Vania Cauzillo

Screenplay: Laura Grimaldi and Vania Cauzillo Cinematography: Sebastiano Luca Insinga, Vito Frangione Live sound: Denny De Angelis Editing: Chiara Dainese Illustration: Elisa Lipizzi supervised by Gianluca Maruotti Animation: Valerio Oss (Pixel Cartoon) Sound design and mix: Philippe Gozlan Original music: Roberto Angelini and Vittorio Camardese Production: Sebastiano Luca Insinga and Chiara Nicoletti for Jump Cut Genre: documentary Year: 2022 Country: Italy Running time: 63' Language: Italian


On 27th of February, the screening is preceded by the live concert ROBERTO ANGELINI & RODRIGO D'ERASMO

Vania Cauzillo (1980), from Basilicata, tells stories through his documentary movies and contemporary work, experimenting with co-creation with communities. Her research work with the Albero company has been recognized by the MiC since 2020. Graduated with honors in Music History, between 2007 and 2010 she worked alongside the director Alessandro Piva. He produced and directed his first documentary Dalla Terra alla luna (2014), distributed by Rai Cultura and directed La ricerca della forma - The genius of Sergio Musmeci (2015), which won the SCI-DOC European Science TV and New Media Festival and Awards in Lisbon.