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Music crosses all boundaries and all distances

Bianca was born in Norilsk in Siberia, one of the most polluted cities in the world; in the digital world, however, she calls herself Electa, and enchants her followers with her touching dance performances and her obsession with white. She then begins to gravitate towards an international group of young people who collaborate on Radio Esperanza Libre, a podcast channel founded by the young speaker Anita, an Argentinian environmentalist. The two meet virtually on a particular occasion: February 28, the date of the broadcast of the program, as well as the birthday of the two protagonists, united not only by the rare anniversary of the birth, but also by the interest in environmental issues, seen by the two as a cry for help within a society that doesn't listen.


Director: Giorgio Ferrero

Cinematography: Federico Biasin Editing: Davide Santilli, Giorgio Ferrero Screenplay: Giorgio Ferrero Sound: Danilo Romancino, Irina Shatrova Production: Federico Biasin, Giorgio Ferrero, Margot Mecca Genre: Movie Year: 2022 Country: Italy Duration: 22' Language: Italian

The short movie will be project before the movie In The Court Of The Crimson King: King Crimson at 50.

Giorgio Ferrero is a director, composer, sound artist, photographer and creative director; he participates and collaborates in the creation of various soundtracks, creating sound and visual installations at the same time. At the 74th Venice Film Festival he presents his first feature film Beautiful Things, winner of the 2016 Biennale College Cinema and the best first film award at CPH:DOX in Copenhagen. In 2011 in Turin he founded and directed the multidisciplinary creative studio MyBossWas.