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When silence becomes music

An intimate representation of the work of Irmin Schmidt, keyboardist and founder in 1968 of the legendary German band CAN, whose style has shaped generations of musicians in pop and electronic music. Starting from his early childhood in Nazi Germany, the film traces the composer's journey from conductor, direct student of Karl-Heinz Stockhausen and György Ligeti, to the CAN, to his work on film music, opera, and finally to his love for electronic club music. The electrifying and unreleased repertoire material gives us back the insanely psychedelic atmosphere of the krautrock years alternating with profound reflections on sound and music.



Regia: Michael P. Aust, Tessa Knapp

Screenplay: Sarah Schygulla Assistant director: Kristina Schippling Editing: Henning Marquass Music: Can, Irmin Schmidt Original soundtrack and sound design: Markus Aust Mixing: Christoph Hundt Production: Michael P. Aust for TelevisorTroika GmbH - Köln Genre: Documentary Year: 2022 Country: Germany Running time: 85' Language: German (o.v. sub. It)


Michael P. Aust is a German director and producer whose work shows a particular interest in the relationship between cinema and music. Active for more than 20 years as a curator and organizer of cultural events, he was a longtime director of the Brunswick International Film Festival whose program focuses on European productions with a large space dedicated to films with a musical theme. Since 2004 he has been director of the SoundTrack film music festival in Cologne and was the chairman of the European Film Music Day at the Cannes Film Festival.