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A coming of age in which pop, twerking and hijab are agitated

Three Austrian teenagers (one of them, Yesmin, a Muslim of Iraqi origins) playfully film themselves while wearing the hijab singing Losing My Religion. The unexpected virality of the video and the consequent popularity, especially in the Viennese Kurdish community, changed the balance between the friends forever. Meanwhile, another online video puts Yesmin's brother in trouble. A coming-of-age tale at the time of smartphones (and at the rhythm of R.E.M.): the identity dispersion of the protagonists reflects that of the stateless generation of social networks, becoming the pivot of a film rooted in the hyper-shattered media universe that codifies contemporary gestures and relationships. A coming of age that perceives the traits of an updated digital spleen in the balance between cultural belonging and social appearance, between action and exhibition.


Director: Kurdwin Ayub

Fotografia: Enzo Brandner
Montaggio: Roland Stöttingaer
Sceneggiatura: Kurdwin Ayub
Suono: David Almeida-Ribeiro
Produzione: Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion GmbH
Genere: Coming of Age, Drammatico
Anno: 2022
Paese: Austria
Durata: 87’
Lingua: Tedesco, Curdo (v.o. sott. It)

Kurdwin Ayub is a director and screenwriter from Vienna. Born in 1990 in Iraq, she trained in painting, animation cinema and performing arts. Over the years she has won several awards for her independent short films, also screened at the BAFICI in Buenos Aires, the Seville European Film Festival and the Viennale. Her first feature film in 2016, the documentary “Paradise! Paradise!”, was awarded by numerous international festivals. “Sonne”, produced by Ulrich Seidl, presented at the Berlinale, is her feature-length debut.