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Roger Benjamin and Benjamin Rye are the two migrants featured in the transmedia project "Rageen Vol. 1" by the Okiees collective. It's a fusion of live music and images, performance and reading, poetry and storytelling, that tells the story of love/hate between the two protagonists, migrants fleeing war who seek a new destination, Catania. Roger and his traveling companion face an introspective journey into the dark sides of man, a declination of the figure of the "hostis", which is the Other than Self, the stranger who lives in us. "Rageen Vol. 1" features the extraordinary participation of artist Pippo Delbono.


Directors: Okiees

Cinematography: Okiees
Editing: Okiees
Sound and music: Okiees
Production: Okiees
Genre: Videoarte
Year: 2021
Country: Italia
Length: 70’
Language: Italian and English (sub. It)

The Catania-based Okiees collective is composed of Andrea Rabbito, Adriano Murania, Fabrizio Motta, Mauro Melis, Alexandra Dimitrova and with the extraordinary participation of artist Pippo Delbono.