Fame puts you there where things are hollow…
Fame, it’s not your brain, it’s just the flame
That burns your change to keep you insane
Bowie – FAME

The theme of success has always been present in music, from the times when Beethoven, completely deaf, would cry in anger because he was unable to hear the audience’s applause. Rockstars with their excesses have become real legends and archetypes of the modern world, celebrated as Greek myths and adored as gods.
The selection this year follows a fil rouge that through ten films – Italian and European premières – tells of the search for affirmation, of the rise and fall and the genial folly cut down by the record industry, of men irremediably leaning towards music. It is the desire for redemption of a musician making his way in the underground of New York (Beatbox), or a Bollywood’s violinist looking for fame (The Violin Player). It is the biography celebrating the most venerated band of the Land of the Rising Sun, the X-Japan (We Are X), or the rise and fall of James Lavelle, emblematic figure of the English trip-hop (The Man From Mo’Wax), or even the sad story of Adrian Borland and his band, The Sound (Walking in the Opposite Direction), another rise and fall with tragic implications. Moveover, the living legend of the new Nordic psychedelia and his desire to go back on stage (Born To Lose, films about Lorenzo Woodrose) as well as fame intended as Noni soldier’s saving madness, who loses his memory and believes to be a rock star (Everything is Broken up and Dances), or the irreverent hunger for success of a group of Norwegian teenagers (Dryads – Girls do not cry). Poetry comes with a walk among the notes of the Russian composer Oleg Karavaychuk, Stalin’s favorite artist (Oleg raras y las artes) and all ends with a meditative pause dedicated to John Cage and to the silence (In Pursuit of Silence).

  Paolo Campana
Curator International
Competition Feature Films