La giuria di LONG PLAY FEATURE – Concorso lungometraggi di finzione composta da Alioscia Bisceglia, Giulia Cavaliere e Damir Ivic assegna il premio Migliore Film di Fiction Francesca Evangelisti (1000 € assegnati col supporto di BTM Banca Territori Del Monviso) a

COUNTRY GOLD di Mickey Reece

Motivazione. Un film che mette prepotentemente il “mondo musica” al centro della sceneggiatura, girato magistralmente con un bianco e nero spesso straniante ma di enorme gusto, recitato benissimo, dove non ci sono eroi e non c’è retorica. C’è molta malinconia, e molta verità.

MENZIONE SPECIALE: Sonne di Kurdwin Ayub, un progetto coraggioso, vivo, intimo, sicuramente low budget ma capace di raccontare un affresco autentico del qui&ora.


He’s been a music journalist for more than twenty years (initially a leading writer for Aelle, the 'bible' of the Italian rap scene in the transition between the 1990s and 2000s, and then for the historic music magazine Mucchio Selvaggio from 2002 until its closure), he now writes for Rolling Stone, Soundwall (of which he is editor), Outpump and the high quality streaming platform Qobuz, as well as being host for TRX Radio. His activites also include consultancy and project management in the 'dangerous' intersection of music scene and brand projects, and almost a decade of experience in concert production. In short: music lived at three hundred and sixty degrees, in front of and behind the stage. Although his real dream would be to be a taxi driver (thanks to, or despite, his love for Pavel Longhin's 'Taxi Blues').


Journalist, music critic, author and sound selector, she collaborates with Rolling Stone, Domani and Esquire, holds music writing courses and is one of the four board members of the Italia Music Lab foundation; she has written for several years in the entertainment section of Corriere della Sera, at Linus and at IL of IL Sole 24 Ore. She hosts The Weekly Twist for Radio Raheem and has presented programmes on Radio Popolare and RSI. For Minimum Fax she published Romantic Italia, from which a podcast and a Sky Arte television programme of the same name were born, of which she was both author and presenter. Her latest podcast, for Chora Media, is entitled Noi siamo i giovani and tells the story of young people in Italy from the 1960s up to today.


Born in 1968, he is the project leader of the band Casino Royale formed in Milan in 1987. His 1990s’ recordings saw the release of three albums (Dainamaita, Sempre più Vicini, CRX) and the opening of the Royality Records label. Over the years, he has collaborated with the Red Bull brand as the person responsible for Italy for the cultural marketing and training project related to music Red Bull Music Academy; he co-founded the ELITA collective that designs and develops musical and cultural formats for the public and for companies; until 2015, he held the role of 'director of music programming' for the free-to-air TV channel All Music. He currently sees the Casino Royale project resume recording activities, following the concept album Quarantine Scenario released in 2019 and the more recent EP Polaris.


La giuria di LONG PLAY DOC – Concorso Documentari composta da Cristian Busuioc, Chiara Colli e Guido Harari assegna il premio Miglior Documentario (1000 € assegnato grazie al supporto di BTM Banca Territori Del Monviso) a


Motivazione. I Rema-Rema sono stati (o sono ancora?) la band “no future” per eccellenza. Marco Porsia racconta la loro storia con uno stile potente privo di qualunque nostalgia, che anzi catapulta nel futuro lo spirito della loro musica e dell’epoca che l’ha generata. Alla stregua del post-punk, What You Could Not Visualize prende le mosse da un materiale molto essenziale, scava nella sporcizia (sicuramente in eventi, personaggi e suoni oscuri), si interfaccia con alcune delle band meno inclini al compromesso, ma non per questo meno influenti (dai Throbbing Gristle ai Cabaret Voltaire), per ri/costruire una vicenda, sia cerebrale che fisica, mai raccontata prima. I Rema-Rema sembrano pronti ad esplodere oggi, al pari di 43 anni fa. Un film di totale ispirazione per tutte le generazioni.

MENZIONE SPECIALE: Karaoke Paradise di Einari Paakkanen che sviluppa un racconto inaspettato e commovente sul potere terapeutico della musica, di qualsiasi musica! Magistralmente girato, il film non vede protagonista alcuna star musicale, ma piuttosto esalta il profondo valore sociale dell’aggregazione e della sconfitta della solitudine attraverso la musica. Non è mai stato così vero che la musica può letteralmente salvare la vita. E così pure il karaoke.                                 


Inspired by the great rock and jazz photographers of the 1950s and 1960s, he established himself in the early 1970s as a photographer and music journalist. Over time, he also devoted himself to reportage, institutional portraiture, advertising and fashion, working with major Italian and international newspapers. He has signed record covers for artists such as Kate Bush, David Crosby, Bob Dylan, B.B. King, Paul McCartney, Lou Reed, Simple Minds and Frank Zappa. In Italy he has collaborated with Claudio Baglioni, Andrea Bocelli, Angelo Branduardi, Vinicio Capossela, Paolo Conte, Pino Daniele, Fabrizio De André, Eugenio Finardi, Ligabue, Mia Martini, Gianna Nannini, PFM, Vasco Rossi and the Filarmonica della Scala conducted by Riccardo Muti.


Since 2015 he’s the curator, programming manager and co-founder of DokStation - Music Documentary Film Festival in Bucharest. He started working in the Romanian entertainment industry in 1994 as an independent radio speaker and DJ before becoming a promoter of bands and shows. In addition to major Romanian artists, he has promoted concerts of Muse, Placebo, Massive Attack, Suede, Bryan Ferry, Editors and others in Romania. He is also a manager artist for some Romanian bands including Om la lună, Balkan Taksim & Andrei Irimia and works as a booker for TIFF (Transylvania International Film Festival) and some selected alternative clubs in Romania.


A music journalist for over ten years, she is particularly interested in the national and international underground scene. She has collaborated with various newspapers (Il Mucchio, Alias, Il Fatto Quotidiano), conducted radio programmes on various local stations and from 2013 to 2021 was music editor for Edizioni ZERO. Today she is part of the Battiti team, a historic programme on Radio Rai 3.


La Giuria di 7INCH – Concorso Cortometraggi composta da Elena Beatrice, Claudia Soranzo e Marc Wagenaar assegna il premio Miglior Cortometraggio (500 €) a 

THE DELAY di Mattia Napoli

Motivazione. Per la capacità di usare il suono come un personaggio rendendolo in un certo senso visivo e per l’originalità con cui racconta la sensazione di essere fuori sync così presente nella nostra società contemporanea.

Menzione speciale: Lori – Melancholy of My Mother’s Lullabies di Director: Abinash Bikram Shah, per la densa e stratificata capacità di restituire una tra le tante realtà  femminili odierne, attraverso  la sapiente orchestrazione del canto popolare nelle sue più vaste connotazioni universali. Un ritratto sonoro in cui possiamo riconoscere tutti la nostra comune umanità, distanziarcene e interrogarla.


Director/screenwriter as well as illustrator, she graduated in 2012 in Medicine but soon realised it was not the right path for her. Convinced that stories can change the world, she realises that her mission is to find the best way to tell them. So she returned to her creative soul and decided to concentrate on storytelling and illustration. Raised on bread and music video, she loves films in which music is the protagonist. Since 2016, she has been working with Daniele Lince as a director/author duo; their works have been selected in several festivals including Visioni Italiane, Giffoni Film Festival and Nastri d'Argento.


After completing a Master's degree in Film production and Location management in Venice, in 2017 Claudia was selected by Maia Workshop, an international training for young emerging European producers. In 2016, she joined the Nefertiti Film team for which she follows the artistic and production development of new films and accompanies authors on their creative journey. Few titles she has worked on: Piccolo Corpo by Laura Samani, Brotherhood by Francesco Montagner, Menocchio by Alberto Fasulo. Claudia is also production coordinator on set.


After graduating with a degree in communication in his hometown Nijmegen in the Netherlands, he moved to Berlin. Later he founded the production company Holy Birds Film Productions where he wrote, directed and produced his first two short films Holy Bird and The Eggman. After completing his award-winning diploma film at the Amsterdam University of the arts, Dante vs. Mohammed Ali, he made Beautiful Alexander, which was also well received by critics. He is currently working on the screenplay for his first feature film Komedie.


La giuria di SOUNDIES – Concorso Videoclip composta da Gianluca Iadema, Luca Pacilio e Rebecca Salvadori assegna il premio Miglior Videoclip Nicola Rondolino (500 €) a

YANA – JUNE di Magdalena Zielinska

Motivazione. Per il modo in cui la regista restituisce l’esperienza sensoriale della protagonista con sensibile approccio visivo, attraverso un flusso di immagini semplici e intense: un equilibrio tra intimità e universalità che empatizza con lo spettatore.

Menzione speciale: Rimon – 20/20 di Bleuniut e Flavien Berger – D’ici là di Robin Lachenal per la capacita di combinare l’aspetto tecnico e poetico in modo maturo ed espressivo.


Focusing on sound and multimedia art, audiovisual performances and installations, Gianluca Iadema is dedicated to invention, creativity and innovation. His practice is based on conceptual and artistic experimentation. Iadema's projects respond to the needs and resources of the contemporary world, focusing on the idea of experience as an understanding of the work of art.


Director of the online film criticism magazine Gli Spietati, contributor to the weekly magazine Film TV and the monthly Rumore. He is curator of Vedomusica, a section of the Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema di Pesaro dedicated to Italian music video. He is the author of Il videoclip nell'era di YouTube - Cento videomaker per il nuovo millennio (Bietti Editore, 2014) and Lo zoo di Venere (Gremese, 2019).


Italian-Australian artist based in London investigates the intersection of video art and documentary. Her filmic works, exhibited in institutions and festivals such as the Freud Museum, the South London Gallery and the IMAGES Festival, form a constellation of extremely personal heterogeneous elements: portraits of moments, people and environments documented through the most diverse techniques and media. Subjectivity and the intimate dimension of the human being occupy a central place in her practice.


La giuria di FREQUENCIES – Concorso Sonorizzazioni Originali composta da Sara Berts, Nick Foglia e Domenico Sciajno assegna il premio Frequencies Diplomatico Award 2023 (500 € grazie al supporto di Diplomatico) a 


Motivazione. Per la coerenza nell’approccio non privo di rischi, è riuscita a dare una cadenza ad una sequenza visiva suggestiva ma statica, mantenendo un equilibrio nella struttura compositiva.


A composer and sound artist from Turin, she graduated in sound engineering from the SAE Institute in Milan in 2010. In 2014 she started working at Scuola Holden as a sound designer. Since 2017 she has been studying traditional Ashaninka medicine at Mayantuyacu, a centre for the study of Amazonian medicinal plants. Her debut EP was released in April 2021 by the Turin-based collective Gang of Ducks. Her sounds are laden with natural field recordings mixed with electronics, creating a meeting ground and exchange between two dimensions of reality, the visible world and its vitality alluding to another order. Sara's works focus on the relationship between nature, sound and care. Her latest EP was released in September 2022 by the Japanese label Muzan Editions.


After an initial period as a music producer, he concentrated on working as a studio sound engineer, taking part in high-profile professional projects with artists such as Johann Johannsson and Hildur Gudnadottir in the field of soundtracks for internationally distributed films and with many other artists of different musical genres. Since 2016 he has been living and working in Turin, where for two years he collaborated with Max Casacci recording a Subsonica album, which also led to a professional collaboration with Davide "Boosta" Dileo working on many of his solo project releases. He currently works on mixing and mastering for Italian and international artists regardless of musical genre.


Graduated in instrumental, vocal and electronic composition and in double bass, he is a composer, performer and experimenter in the field of electroacoustic music and Sound Art. He teaches Electronic Music and Computer Music at the G.Verdi Conservatory in Turin. Since 1992, he has been present as a performer or composer at major national and international events in the field of new music, performing not only in almost all European countries, but also in the United States, Australia and Israel. Since 2005, he has directed the Institute of Biosonology in Palermo.

La giuria composta dai lettori di TORINOSETTE – Valentina Gonella, Marco Nicolai e Patrizia Silvestri – assegna il Premio Torinosette Miglior Film a THE ORDINARIES di Sophie Linnenbaum

Motivazione. Raffinato ed originale film allegorico, ricco di riferimenti, al contempo divertente e commovente, che, attraverso la rappresentazione del cinema come specchio della società e spaziando brillantemente da un genere cinematografico all’altro, denuncia con particolare efficacia ogni forma di esclusione o discriminazione.