Human history is made of boundaries, but also of encounters. It is shaped by the movement and the continuous creation of networks of people coming from different geographic backgrounds.

In the global and hyperconnected world we live in, physical boundaries are rigid, while cultural ones are fluid. Pure, isolated cultures do not exist anymore and diversity, even if scary, should be seen as an enrichment.
In music, more than in any other field, this phenomena powerfully emerges: artists from all around the world have an unprecedented access to a variety of digital resources that allow them to transform the music industry and push them to face the hard challenge of redefining a creative identity between their own local context and the dynamics of globalization. Culture gets hybridized and enriched of new perspectives, the traditional western models live now alongside the ones from the outskirts of the world.
Trans-Global Express celebrates the connections between cultures. Six films that will take us through a journey of exploration and discovery of a new global soundscape, where unexpected encounters create the sounds of the future. Innovation can spark only from contamination and by the acknowledgement that culture is not static, nor inalterable.
We invite our audience to be curious, to change their perspective, not to oversimplifying reality, welcome the new sounds and visions beyond genres and labels in order to embrace the positive potential of our world, more and more interconnected and mixed and to discover that music is a glimpse into the future.

Juanita Apraez Murillo
Curator Trans-Global Express