Soundies 2018 | SEEYOUSOUND


For the Nicola Randolino Soundies 2018 Award we have halved the number of music-videos partecipating (20 in comparison to 40 in earlier years), since we wanted to simplify the difficult task of the jury and to focus more attention on the smaller number of entries we chose. We received and sourced over 350 music-videos but only 20 of them will compete. Each of them takes us to a different world: from German animation to English irony, from visionary Russian madness to North American storytelling, from Italian romance to emotional Lebanese narrative. Some of them are debut films from newcomers, who are making use of this brief form to express their creativity and make a name for themselves. Others are videos made by directors who have already worked in cinema and have made feature films; they see the music video as an entertaining divertissement. In the last few years, the genre of music videos has acquired importance in film production all over the world. In fact, every year, MTV receives approx. 1300 music videos and 25 billions are uploaded on VEVO. The success of videos again shows the strong connection between music and cinema. In the 2018 Soundies & the City section, some of the selected music videos will be screened in different venues in Turin. For the first time, this year, Seeyousound will also show some music videos out of competition, because we think that the competition is not the only thing that matters at a festival. It is also important to share these amazing films that should be screened in cinemas, but unfortunately are relegated to the small screens of digital devices. A gift to our audiences, and to ourselves because, as always, we think that our passion should be shared with cinema-goers.

Federica Ceppa / Curator