The best music video award Nicola Rondolino  has become a major challenge for our festival because the production of the music videos is very wide, the selection and quality are very high and the prize is one.

More than 430 music videos were sent and selected by the team of Soundies and the 40 of them that will be screened, will take you on a geographically and artistically journey around the world. The music video is constantly evolving for his expressive and productive technique, in line with the musical cinema and not, but unlike other art forms, it is constantly changing its function. Originally born as an alternative to the live performance, the music video has then become a promotional object to increase the records selling and the dates of live gig and nowadays is a very important communication instrument: the images are the communication and it’s no longer the one of the artist, but of his/her audience who uses the music video code to tell about an emotional feeling and share it with the world.
Soundies this year will have some precious innovations, while keeping an immutable characteristic: the quality of the music video that you will enjoy at the cinema… And not only.

Federica Ceppa
Curator of  Videoclip
International Competition