Yallah! Underground

by Farid Eslam

An inspiring journey through the soundscapes of the Arab Spring where talented and brave artists create an alternative world.

  • Saturday, January 28th, 2017 – h: 20.00 at Cinema Massimo Sala 2
  • Saturday, February 4th, 2017 – h: 17.30 at Cinema Massimo Sala 2

Filmed over five years, from 2009 to 2013, (before, during and after the Arab Spring), Yallah! Underground follows some of the most influential and progressives artists in today’s Arab underground culture documenting their work, dreams and fears in a time of great change for their societies.

These young artists have struggled for years to express themselves freely and represent a new generation of Arabs who perfectly integrates aspects of different cultures and philosophies in their lifestyle and in their work.

Everything is Broken and Dances

Directed by Farid Eslam
USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Egypt, Czech Republic – 2015 – 85min 
Genre: Documentary

Farid Eslam, director and producer, was born in Frankfurt, now lives and works in Prague, where he graduated at FAMU Film Institute. He has worked in advertising, he’s been awarded for his music videos and he has directed documentaries for which he traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East, although the main aspirations of his work is to narrate the youth culture and social issues .
He founded the Mind Riot Media, a company specialised in the development and production of commercials, films, TV contents and marketing solutions.
His first film, Istanbul United (co-directed with Olli Waldhauer), has participated in numerous festivals and was released in theaters in Germany and Switzerland receiving very good critiques and wide public acclaim.