Country: Germany
Year: 2014

With the fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989 is a crucial year for Germany. Youngsters from East and West converge in illegal clubs, where a new electronic music becomes a distinctive symbol of a search for novelty and freedom: the new Berlin techno is born. From the legendary UFO Club to the Tresor until the first Love Parade, the film follows the evolution of what can be called the first pan-German youth movement.

Directed by Rolf Lambert

Rolf Lambert (1963) realizes his first short films after enrolling in Political Science and German Literature in 1983. After graduating in 1988, he worked for several years as a correspondent for an independent radio network. In 1992 he co-founded his own film production company, the Along Mekong Productions. Since then he has steadily worked for the German channel ARTE for which he has produced several documentaries.