Jess Acevedo, risking his own freedom, shots a documentary about the Cruz brothers, beaten and arrested by the police in a small toen just outside of La Havana.

They are sentenced to prison for five years because they were listening to the Cuban underground rap duo Los Aldeanos who, with their pressing texts, denounce the disastrous economic and political state of the country. Who are Los Aldeanos and why the authorities think they’re so threatening? The director, through the extraordinary footage and a fearless use of the camera, throws an unflinching eye on the worrying reality of modern Cuba.

Directed by Jesse Acevedo

Cuba, USA, 2013, 74 min.

Editing: Aaron Ohlmann

Screenplay: Johanna Schwartz, Andy Morgan

Photography: Mandefro Pagan

Music: Los Aldeanos

Production: Sarah Mosses, Johanna Schwartz, Kat Amara Korba (La Pasión Films)


Jesse Acevedo is a Mexican filmmaker based in Los Angeles. He has worked on films, documentaries, music videos and commercials. The award-winning documentary “Tudo Azul of 2005” is the unprecedented exploration of Brazilian music through the people who depend on it to survive in the slums of Rio. “Rumberos”, filmed in 2008, tells the stories of seven blacks Cubans who enter a Rumba contest, a dance competition that stands between them and a new life.