by Marina Schnider

A city full of sounds: rhythmic infrastructure, musical wonders.

  • Sunday, January 29th, 2017 – h: 17.30 at Cinema Massimo Sala 3
  • Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 – h: 17.30 at Cinema Massimo Sala 3

In the visual and musical symphony of urban environment created by Marina Schnider, men are background actors, always moving: by foot, by car or on the means – and always in some way on the edge of the screen. Their presence disperses as the melody increases in intensity, leaving room for the real protagonists; the elements of street furniture and the things we see but ignore every day. The short film by the German director is a fascinating experiment that seeks a new approach to everyday environments, and that somehow reminds of certain clips of the various Fantasia.

Directed by Marina Schnider
4 min – Germany – 2016 – o.v. sub ita
Genre: Experimental

Marina Schnider was born in Vals, Switzerland, in 1990. She recently graduated in Visual Communication at the Berlin University of the Arts, and she is currently employed as a motion design artist. Urban Audio Spectrum was her doctoral thesis and her first short film.