The promised band

by Jen Heck

The history of an hypothetical girl band formed by Palestinian and Israeli women going through their friendship and the overcoming of insuperable boundaries.


  • Sunday, January 29th, 2017 17:30 Cinema Massimo Sala 2
  • Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 at 15.00 Cinema Massimo Sala 3

The American director Jen Heck tells the story of Lina: wife, mother, musician, teacher who lives in Nablus, Palestine. Thanks to the idea of forming a hypothetical girl band, Lina meets three Israeli women. Then music becomes an excuse to tell and overcome insuperable boundaries. Stories of women, stories of friendship.

A journey through a border country between Palestine and Israel seen with the eyes of an outsider, the director, where Lina, Sholomit, Viki, Noa Alhan tell about themselves. Crossing the borders, even if illegally, strengthens their friendship, and each of them gets to know herself better through the relationship with the other. This journey will bring them to discover new territories and will change the life of Lina unexpectedly. The film will touch you and make you smile with the right lightness, basic ingredient of a female complicity.

The film was awarded at Cinequest San Jose Film Festival 2016 in the category Best Documentary.


Everything is Broken and Dances

Director Jen Heck
Israel, Palestine – 2015 – 89min – o.v. sub ita
Genre: Documentary

Jen Heck, American writer, director and producer, she was at important International festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival and the São Paulo International Film Festival. Her stories, often described as “eccentric”, deal with themes related to relationships such as love, friendship, isolation.