by Daniel Kaufman

Stories and voices from around the world paint a unique resonant fresco, passing through YouTube.

  • Sunday, January 29th, 2017 at 20.00 Cinema Massimo Sala 3
  • Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 17:30 Cinema Massimo Sala 3

Facing the fragmentation, ‘individualism and the liquidity of modern culture and its use and finding some way their narration. These are some of the suggestions given by Daniel Kaufman documentary, focused on the encounter with the unknown artists unearthed on YouTube, whose voices have been sampled by The Range and merged into the songs of the album “Potential”. An overwhelming short, hypnotic and full of ideas, directed and mounted superbly.

Directed by Daniel Kaufman
27 min – USA – 2016 – o.v. sub ita
Genre: Documentary

Daniel Kaufman has worked as director of photography in Los Angeles and in England, he has been a documentarist in Haiti for Amnesty International for four films about human rights, he is also a photographer for the Atlantic Records. As a director he is interested in the common fields between documentary and fiction and on films about outsiders. His short film Oscar The Grouch was honored at the Disjunctions New Media Festival and his photos have been exhibited in many galleries in Los Angeles.