Sicily Jass


A never-told before story searching for the Sicilian chromosome of Jazz.

At the beginning of 1900, thousands of Italian immigrates arrive to New Orleans. Among these, Nick La Rocca starts the Original Dixieland Jazz Band considered as important as the Beatles back at that time, and with which in 1917 he records the first jazz record in history. The documentary tracks the band’s success, but it is also a journey inside Nick’s soul, a man who tried, doing almost everything wrong, to be remembered as a music star. Original directing solutions are entrusted to live atmospheres created by Roy Pacy’s trumpet.

Director: Michele Cinque

73min, Italy, 2015

Production: MRF5, GA&A Prod. con RAI CINEMA e LAZY FILM

Genre: doc


Michele Cinque was born in Rome in 1984, graduated in Philosophy at the University La Sapienza in Rome. He collaborates with RAI and spends his time in making sport and music documentaries, such as Alentejo Story Concert (2006), Top Runner (2009) – honorable mention and special price by the Senato della Repubblica Italiana at the FICTS 2009, Bob Marley: il profeta del reggae (2011 – Official selection at the FIPATEL 2012), Mr. Jazz: Louis Armstrong Story (2012), Living to the extreme (2013, tv serie).