Shu De!

by Michael R. Faulkner

A sensory experience in which music and landscapes lead the viewer on a journey through the vastness of the Tuva region and of the human voice, revealing the magic of unusual sounds.

  • Sunday, January 29th, 2017 – h: 15.00 at Cinema Massimo Sala 2
  • Saturday, February 4th, 2017 – h: 22.30 at Cinema Massimo Sala 2

“Shu-De” in Tuvan means “Let’s go!”. Shodekeh, a Baltimore beatboxer has spent his life searching for new sounds. When he’s invited to a music festival in Kyzyl, Tuva Republic (Siberian Russia), he witnesses a guttural singing competition in honor of the legendary Tuvan singer Kongar-ol Ondar, and he begins a journey in which he understands that the bridge between the two cultures is built on the instrument they have in common: the human body. With the participation of Kongar-ol Ondar, Shodekeh, the Alash Ensemble, the Tuvan National Orchestra and many others.

Everything is Broken and Dances

Directed by Michael R. Faulkner
USA, Russia – 2016 – 85min 
Genre: Documentary

Michael R. Faulkner lives and works in Baltimore as a writer, location manager and artist. He has worked on numerous films, television projects and commercials including Rocket Science, Ladder 49 and A Dirty Shame by John Waters; he also worked as location manager for the series The Wire.

His journey with Shodekeh began when he heard him play a long drum solo in a Baltimore bar. Shu-de! is his first documentary.