An inspiring tribute to the uplifting power of music and movement.

From the executive producer and rapper Nasir “Nas” Jones and from the filmmaker and  photographer Adam Sjöberg, Shake the Dust describes the great impact of breakdance and hip-hop culture and explores how they touch sensitive chords of the people in the slums, the favelas and ghettos of the world. Showing some of the most amazing movements of the breakdance movies ever.

Directed by Adam Sjöberg

USA, 2014, 84 min.

Photography and screenplay: Adam Sjöberg

Editing: Mariana Blanco, Adam Sjöberg, Noam Kroll

Music: Nasir “Nas” Jones, Sean Dimond

Production: David Jacobson Productions


The photographer and filmmaker Adam Sjöberg has traveled over 60 countries documenting conflicts and natural disasters, design and architecture, beauty and sorrow, light and darkness. His work is saturated with his unique personal touch. His projects have appeared on several international broadcasters, including BBC World News, the CBS Evening News and many newspapers like WIRED magazine, PASTE magazine, ESPN magazine and he has collaborated with a wide range of talents, from orphans and refugees, to celebrities like the ex football player Troy Polamalu and the rap superstar Nasir (Nas) Jones. He travels almost nine months a year, but he’s based in Los Angeles.