In Chile during the ’60s, Quilapayún (authors of El pueblo unido jamás será vencido)
played the soundtrack of the revolution.

With clenched fists raised high, thousands sung their songs, especially after the band exiles to France, following the Pinochet’s golpe in 1973. Since then, everything has changed, as long as band musicians have, but music never abandoned them. The documentary reconstructs the story of the most famous band of the latino-american revolution, through an intensive and choral tale mixed with archive material which covers a 50 years period. A touching road movie in which we make a time journey accompanied by vibrant songs.

Directed by Jorge Leiva

73min, Chile, 2015

Production: Paula Talloni per PALENQUE PRODUCCIONES

Genre: doc


Jorge Leva is a director, journalist and editor at TVN, Channel 13, Chilevisión and Radio Cooperativa, among others, as well as at the newspapers (La Epoca, La Tercera, El Mercurio, Rolling Stones, Zona de Obras). He has edited programs like the Midnight Culture and Entertainment and The National Song (2005, Channel 13) and directed the episode about Violeta Parra for the series Great Chileans (2008, TVN). He is the editor and founder of the website MusicaPopular.cl and VCCL.tv. His documentaries Angelos Negros (2007), about the pop band from Chile and Actores Secundarios (2004), about a high school movement of students against the Pinochet dictatorship, won several prizes and recognitions. “Quilapayún, más allá de la canción” was Best Documentary of the national competition at the INEDIT (Chile), participated at the CHILOE Documentary Film Festival (Fedochi, Chile) and at the SANFIC 11 (Santiago International Film Festival).