A rocker who loves to dress up as a monster, Mr. Lordi, six years after winning the
Eurovision Song Contest with his band, risks to sink into oblivion.

Tomi, who used to be mocked at school because he loved the Kiss and keeps on living as an eternal teenager in a world inhabited by weird creatures, is at a crossroads: he has to accept the harsh reality of life or keep on living in the enchanted world of his own hard rock myth. A movie which deals with the courage to be yourself, even as metal monster. The legend of the famous Finnish band continues…

Directed by Antti Haase

85min, Finland, 2015

Production: Illume Oy

Genre: doc


Writer and director, Antti Haase studied at the Austrian Film TV and Radio School and got a master’s degree in Film and TV in 2002. Now he lives and works in Lapland, Finland, and his documentaries won different awards: “Portrait of Elli” (2009) obtained the Gran Prix award at the Luleå Biennale, “Rebels with a Cause” (2008) won as the Best Documentary at the Murmansk Northern character festival, “Clown Doctors” (2000), won the Film Australia Documentary Award AFTRS and won third place at the Columbus Film Festival in USA.
“Monsterimies” was the Best Documentary Feature at the Austin Film Festival and it was screened at several festivals like DOXA Doc, Vancouver Film Festival, Love&Anarchy Helsinky Film Festival and Docpoint Helsinky Documentary Film Festival among others.