A stranger wanders around the ruins of Berlin, among remains of historical memory and distressing post-industrial landscapes.

In this no man’s land, he follows the hypnotic path of the David Bowie’s shadow in Journal of Nathan Adler (1995), or the one of the character of Thomas Jérome Newton embodied by the rock star in The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976) by Nicholas Roeg. Low is a sensorial and musical journey, accompanied by the self-titled album in the famous interpretation by Philip Glass. Seeyousound pays homage to the unexpected passing of the White Duke and prepares to celebrate the 40 years since the release of the first album of his Berlin trilogy. First work.

Directed by Renaud Cojo

44min, France, 2015

Production: Spectre Productions

Genre: experimental


Renaud Cojo was born in 1966, the year David Robert Jones became David Bowie; he studies sociology, socializes and then isolates himself… Author and director for theatre, actor and performer, he funds the association Ouvre Chien from which he produces some projects about music and experimentation. “Low” is his first movie and it is the result of a pièce titledLow/Heroes, an Hyper-Cycle Berlinois” which he had performed in 2015 at the Philharmonie de Paris for the Orchestre National d’Ile de France, on the occasion of the famous exhibition David Bowie is.