Liberation day

by Morten Traavik and Uģis Olte

The first rock band to perform in North Korea. A cultural, political, ideological challenge.

  • Friday, January 27th, 2017 at 20.00 Cinema Massimo Sala 1
  • Friday, February 3rd, 2017 at 22.30 Cinema Massimo Sala 3

Laibach, a Slovenian cult rockband, controversial and criticized for the ambiguous references to a Nazi-fascist aesthetic, is the first band to have ever performed in North Korea, forced to confront not only with the strict regime of censorship, but also with an audience completely unaware about the power of rock’n’roll. The music incarnates the language of propaganda and reveals its mechanisms, creating awareness and liberation.

Everything is Broken and Dances

Directors Morten Traavik e Uģis Olte
Norway, Latvia – 2016 – 100min
Genre: Documentary

Uģis Olte is a Latvian director and editor who faces serious issues with a light-heart. He is the author of several formats for TV, video clips and three short films, The Red Spot, KK2678 and King of the Wild Things. He is also the author of two documentaries presented in competition at IDFA 2015, Stuck in Stikine (2007) and Double Aliens (2015).


Morten Traavik has studied as a theater director in Russia and Sweden and his works are permeated by the idea of the world as a stage and as part of an identity, as well as a blurred distinction between art, activism and social issues. Particularly important his Miss Landmine Angola (2008) and Miss Landmine Cambodia (2009), written for the landmines’ survivors. He has also often collaborated with North Korean artists and cultural personalities.