The Cyborgs

Can a Cyborg believe in God?

The video made by filmmaker Erika Errante, borrows and animates some of the sacred works realized by the great artists of the past, such as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. In the video is also asked the question: can a Cyborg believe in God? This is what the two Cyborgs ask themselves and in the video the answer remains open to interpretation.

Directed by Erika Errante Baruffaldi

Italy, 2015.
Lenght: 4”


Erika B. Errante approaches the art world at the age of ten as a student at the Teatro alla Scala (Milan) and later as a white voice of the Teatro Carlo Felice (GE). She graduated with honors in 2005 at the DAMS of Imperia with a thesis on the film director Emir Kusturica, whom she meets and interviews. She takes her first steps as an assistant director thanks to Giovanni Robbiano, working on music videos, commercials, short films and feature films with Lorenzo Vignolo, Giorgio Molteni, Alex J. Rubin, Matteo Zingirian, Marco Bonfante and others. In 2007 she wins the screenplay competition for “Turin World Book Capital.” In 2008 her short film “eartHeart” is selected at the SFC of the Cannes Film Festival. Combining her two passions, music and visual arts, she now works as a director for Italian indie bands: The Cyborgs, Go! Zilla, Eazy Skankers, Sycamore Age, La Notte, Venus In Furs, The Black Beat Movement, Andy Mittoo, Shame & Skandal, Professor Bones and many more.

Artist: The Cyborgs

Genre: Blues 


In an age where the image reigns, two complete strangers have decided to remain anonymous by wearing a welder’s mask. They have no identity. Their name are “0” and “1”, as the symbols of the binary code which would represent the beginning and the end of a man. It’s hard to find a band that makes oozes the same amount of passion, fun, skills, and irony. They are instinctive, visceral, excessive, restless, superficial, deep, in one word “explosive”. Their career is growing and full of collaborations: from the historic opening of the Bruce Springsteen Wrecking Ball tour in Rome, to the concerts of Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Deep Purple, John Mayall, Jeff Beck, Eric Sardinas and Johnny Winter, Bob Log III, up to the participation at Eurosonic and Bestival. Discography: – The Cyborgs , 2011 – Electric Chair 2013 – Bios 2013 – Extreme Boogie 2015.