by Charlotte Scott Wilson

Stage fright before a concert can be devastating if not controlled.

  • Saturday, January 30th, 2017 – h: 20.00 at Cinema Massimo Sala 3
  • Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 – h: 15.00 at Cinema Massimo Sala 3

It’s true that it’s human to make mistakes and it can happen to anyone; but if you’re a young orchestra cellist, and you’re assigned an important solo, the smallest mistake can open the doors to obsession, panic and paranoia. That’s what happens to the protagonist of the tense short film of Charlotte Scott Wilson, who takes us in the girl’s nightmare, with a hallucinated hyperrealism, not far from the horror aesthetic, where the melodies’ sweetness and beauty contrast with the darkness of the feelings.

Directed by Charlotte Scott Wilson
22 min – Netherlands – 2016 – v.o. sub ita
Genre: fiction

Director and screenwriter Charlotte Scott Wilson was born in Scotland and graduated at the Netherlands Film Academy. She has a deep love for audiovisual narration and aims to realise movies that are able to reach and touch a wide audience. Her first short movie, Forever After, premiered at Palm Springs Festival 2013. She is currently developing her next project with Scottish Film Talent Network.