Country: France
Year: 2015

Christophe Chassol, French musician, crowns his trilogy entitled Ultrascores with a visionary documentary exploring the island of Martinique where images and sounds create an immutable melody made of words, sounds, bird’s songs and of his own music. With little dialogues and a lot of musical pictures, the film takes on the appearance of an optical illusion, where the voice seems to evolve thanks to the replacement of chords and sounds of extreme refinement. The Martinique Big Sun pulverizes clichés, codes and musical categories. This mysterious island is himself and is also ourselves …

Directed by Christophe Chassol

The Huffington Post defined him as a “unique” and “adventurer of his time” artist; also estimated by Gilles Peterson, Christophe Chassol (class ’76) was born in Martinique. At the age of four he attended the Conservatory of Music and won a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He composes for film and television and collaborates with bands such as Phoenix and Sebastien Tellier. Inspired by Stravinski, through Steve Reich and Fredo Viola up to Ennio Morricone, Miles Davis and The Cure. His work is summed up in his words: “I film and record sounds and music to create what I call an Ultrascore”.