About Madaski


Francesco Caudullo, aka Madaski, retraces the most poignant moments of his career. Music and life merge, creating an intimate fresco of Madaski as a person contextualized in his places. We relive along with Carlo Rossi the beginnings of the Italian new wave, we see the birth and growth of Africa Unite, maintaining the unique point of view of the artist.

Director: Massimo Forestello

Origin: Italy

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2015

Lenght: 12′


Massimo Forestello was born near Turin in 1983. He studied film theory at the Dams of Turin and at the ‘Université de cinéma of Paris 8. When he lived in Paris, he attended the studio of the Director Henry Roger. After several experiences in Europe, he returns to Italy to begin his practical activity, mainly specializing in the editing field and making mini docs and reports that have made him travel around Italy and Europe. In 2013 he founded, along with Albert Fratini, the Gekijou collective.