Tickets and season tickets can be purchased at the ticket office of Cinema Massimo.

The season ticket holders must pick up their tickets for each screening at the box office .

SINGLE TICKET // Full: € 6,50 – Reduced: € 4.50
Tickets for all screenings can also be purchased on the current day when Cinema Massimo opens (H. 15).

OPENING TICKET // Full: € 8,00 – Reduced: € 6,00
The opening tickets can be purchased on the inauguration day (27 January 2017) when Cinema Massimo opens (H. 15).

DAILY SEASON TICKET // Full: € 16,00 – Reduced: € 12,00
The daily season ticket allows you to collect the current day’s tickets at the box office (up to 4 tickets in total for 4 non-simultaneous projections).

EIGHT DAYS SEASON TICKET // Full: € 48 – Reduced: € 40
The eight days season ticket allows the vision of all the films in the program (up to the maximum of 4 tickets per day for 4 non-contemporaneous projections, except for the opening ceremonies and awards).

*REDUCED PRICES // Over 60 e university students.
With cards: Aiace, GTT subscriber, Feltrinelli.



Access to the theater will be possible to all audiences equipped with tickets for a single show and season tickets, within the limit of available seats.

INFO // RECEPTION AND CREDIT DESK SCHEDULE Cinema Massimo // via Verdi 18, Torino .
Tel. 011 8138574

January 27th from 3pm to 8pm
January 28th – February 4th  from 2pm to 8pm


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