The jury awards the Best Feature Film in 2017 and a cash prize of 1000 € to the best feature film

Curator and film program manager of InEdit International Music Documentary Festival since 2007, the most important music documentary film festival that started 14 years ago in Barcelona and then expanded to the whole world with editions in Spain, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Greece. Since 2012, Johannes also works for the Festival Agency in Paris, a distributor that provides high-quality films to festivals around the world.

Born in 1949, he graduated from the University of Novosibirk in Mathematics in 1970 and at the Institute of Cinematography in Moscow in 1986. Author of books and more than 1,500 articles about cinema. He had been the president of the Russian Guild of Film Critics from 2003 to 2011, a professional organization of critics (member of FIPRESCI since 1998), which delivers prestigious annual awards to Russian and foreign films like the Golden Ram or the White Elephant.

Singer and musician, female voice of the Slovenian art-rock collective Laibach, former lead singer of the synth-pop alternative band Melodrom. Also well known for her participation in 2015, together with Laibach, at the first concert of a rock band in North Korea, narrated in the documentary Liberation Day (2016) that will première in Italy during the third edition of Seeyousound.


The jury awards the Best Short Film in 2017 and a cash prize of 700€ to the best short film

Maria Agostinelli has worked at Rai Culture for about 18 years with different roles: author, presenter, editor of philosophy and literature sites, editor, graphic. She has conducted an architectural program for Roma Uno and written articles and reviews for Rai Book, Inside Art, The Messenger. In the past 10 years, she has been working as selector and curator at Biografilm Bologna Festival. Whenever she gets some spare time, she buys a plane tickets and travels on her own. 

Director and director of photography. She studied at the Department of Photography of the Film School in Lodz and Development Lab of the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film. Her film debut was the short film Knife in the wife.

Head of Programme Office of the Krakow Film Festival, the most important film festival dedicated to documentaries and short films in Poland. She graduated from the Faculty of History (Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology) of the Jagiellonian University of Krakow. Before joining the festival, she has worked for Apollo Film Ltd., a distribution company where she was responsible for events, PR and marketing. Since 2006, she’s been Vice President of the Board of the Krakow Film Foundation. In 2005, she founded the Film Promotion Agency, now known as KFF Sales & Promotion, whose main purpose, within the structure of the Krakow Film Foundation, is the international promotion of Polish documentaries, animations and short films.


The jury awards the Best Music Video 2017, and a cash prize of 700 € to the best music video

Michele Dalai was born in Milan in 1973. He worked for a long time for his family publishing company and in 2010 he was among the founders of the publishing company Add, which he’s been running for several years. He’s a journalist and writes about sports and other things for various magazines and is also a radio and TV presenter.
In 2011 he released his first novel Le più strepitose cadute della mia vita for Mondadori followed by a book about football titled Contro il tiqui taca. In 2013 he relaunched the publishing company Baldini & Castoldi and in the meantime he attended television and radio studios as a conductor and author. He presented the Italian version of Football hooligans, broadcasted on the Dmax channel, landing at Radio 2 with the program Ettore, format in which Dalai tells the stories of antiheroes of the imaginary collective: from Sancho Panza to Columbo, from Rocky to the Innominato, from Alien to Dean Martin. In 2015 he released his latest novel Onora il babbuino for Feltrinelli, the hilarious story of Cardo, a policeman living in the outskirts of Turin.

Born in Bra, in 1972, he lives in Rome and writes for cinema and television. He is the creator, with Alessandro Fabbri and Ludovica Rampoldi, of the Sky series 1992, and the upcoming sequel, 1993. The same trio has also signed the three Italian adaptations of the serie In treatment and, for the cinema, La Doppia Ora (by Giuseppe Capotondi, 2009) and Il Ragazzo Invisibile (by Gabriele Salvatores, 2015), including the sequel coming in 2017. On his own or with other authors, he wrote the scripts of films like (Tatanka, Workers – Pronti a tutto, Monolith) and TV shows. In 2013 he directed the documentary Slow Food Story, for Indigo Film, which premiered at the Berlinale and Telluride. He has published several short stories and two novels: L’America delle Kessler (ed. Arcana, 2002) and Il Ragazzo invisibile, (Salani, 2014), inspired by the movie. He created, with Nicola Lusuardi, Fiction Lab, the program for the development of ideas for TV series made with Torino Film Lab and Film Commission Torino Piemonte. In 2017, he will work as a tutor on the European version, Lab Series. In 2015, with Nicola Lusuardi and Ines Vasiljievic, he founded Nightswim, a production company developing several projects. He’s also a musician, he writes and sings songs with Mambassa – a band formed in 1995 that has already published 5 albums.

Writer and director, Giovanni is part of the group who in the nineties led to the success the so-called “cinema toscano.” He started working in movies as a screenwriter in 1985 with Tutta colpa del paradiso and then continued to work with the famous Italian actor Francesco Nuti (among his other films we remember Caruso Pascoski di padre polacco (1988) and Willy Signori e vengo da lontano (1989). His first job as a director was for Maramao (1987), followed in 1993 by Per amore solo per amore, which he also wrote the script for and that won the David di Donatello in 1994. The following year he started working with Pieraccioni, writing I Graduati and continued working with him on all his other films. Besides he continues his activitiy as a director of movies which, except for Il mio West (1998) where he works with Pieraccioni – Keitel – Bowie, are always dedicated to the youngster’s emotional problems. He also worked with Enrico Oldoini, Christian De Sica and Carlo Verdone. In 2003, thanks to Che ne sarà di noi with Silvio Muccino and Violante Placido, his directing activities reach a great success, confirmed in 2005 with Manuale d’amore and the sequel Manuale d’amore 2 – Capitoli successivi that in the first weekend of its release obtained the second highest proceeds ever made at the box office in Italy. Afterwards, he works on many other films as a screenwriter and director, among them we remember Manuale d’amore 3, Genitori & Figli, Una donna per amica and Non è un paese per giovani, a film shot in Cuba and inspired by the homonymous radio program broadcasted every day on Radio 2.


The jury awards the Best Storytelling 2016

Journalist and music critic, he has worked since 1989 for the newspaper “La Repubblica”. Currently writes for “Mucchio” and “Il Giornale della Musica.” He has wrote essays (latest published: “Get Back! I giorni del rock”) and has worked as a radio host (in Rai, from 1987 to 2012), he directed the Torino “Traffic” free festival from 2004 to 2014 and is now curator of the Trento Music festival “Transiti” and the festival “Distretto 38”.

Film critic, programmer of the Turin National Museum of Cinema, editor of “Filmcritica” magazine and “”, as well as a collaborator for the magazines “Panoramiche” and “Il ragazzo selvaggio”. She has published several books: Erich von Stroheim. Lo sguardo e l’iperbole (Bulzoni), Il vento e la città. Il cinema di Amir Naderi (Il Castoro), Segni di vita. Werner Herzog e il cinema (Il Castoro), Manga Impact. Il mondo dell’animazione Giapponese (Phaidon), Una diagonale baltica, quarant’anni di produzione documentaria in Estonia, Lettonia e Lituania (Protagon).

Actress, born in Turin, formed from an early age at the Turin “Teatro Nuovo”, moved to Rome where she attended three years of Eutheca academy. She started working very early with the great master of cinema Pupi Avati.
She’s been a police officer in Le Mani Dentro La Città by Mediaset and a lawyer for two seasons in Non Uccidere with Miriam Leone. Founder of her own theater company Resina along with 3 other colleagues, she is also director and costume designer. Currently she has just finished filming two films; La Terra Buona directed by E.Caruso and Massimo Ribasso directed by R.Iacopini, shot under in Turin and boasting the participation of the special guest Luciana Littizzetto. Both films will be released in 2017.

For over 10 years she’s been working for the National Archives of Industrial Cinema (CSC) in the promotion, research and communication areas. She has curated manifestations such as Biella Film Fest and many film exibitions, the last in order of time in the Fashion Film Festival Milano. She wrote one documentary and directed many short films and educational workshops.

Born in Turin in 1962, he graduated in Arts from the University of Turin (with a thesis on History of Cinema of Monte Hellman), he started directing after various experiences in the field of cinema. He has directed numerous works including: “Vite da Recupero”, “Scemi di Guerra”, produced by Fox International Channels Italy and RTI,“Rubare Metri al Cielo” which won the award for “Best mountaineering film” at the Matterhorn Cinemountain International Film Festival 2007, “La città che corre” created for the XX Olympic Winter Games. He also directed the film “Sotto il sole nero” winner of the 28th Festival du Film Italien Villerupt in 2005, the 2nd Cimameriche Film Festival Riviera di Levante in 2005 and Best Director Award at the 9th Gallio Film Festival Italian first works 2005. He won more awards with “Benvenuto in San Salvario”: European Academy Award (European Oscar) shorts section, Berlin 1999 Award for best short, Film Festival of Annecy 2000, Award Cine Cinemas Festival Adriaticocinema. We still remember “Il Signor Rossi prese il fucile” with which he won the Turin “Festival Internazionale Cinema Giovani” in 1994. He’s been working as professor at DAMS of Torino and at the Politecnico di Torino. Since 2015 he’s a coordinator for AIACE Turin. 


The jury awards the Best Original Soundtrack 2017

Sergio Ricciardone was born in Turin in 1972. Co-founder of Xplosiva, one of the most significant projects of the Italian electronic scene he is also part of the musical project – with Luca Baldini – Drama Society, with which he performed at the Fabric in London, at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, the Robert Johnson in Frankfurt and at The Edge in Sao Paulo. He loves dark sounds and strong emotional impact. He’s the artistic director and founder of one of the most important festivals in Europe for the electronic scene, Club To Club that has arrived at the 16th edition this year. Sergio Ricciardone represents the music in Turin, his musical aesthetics has never been restricted to what is played but to the artistic expression in general, he is capable of combining images and sound in a perfect design mix.

He was born in Milan in 1975. As author and television writer he was part of the group brand:new and Avere Ventanni for MTV Networks Europe. With the MTV team brand:new he has realized about 10 Rockumentary about the most important Italian music festival. As author he was on DruglinePavlov in addition to the historical Supersonic and Sonic. He was also author at La7 channel for L’Infedele and Le Invasioni Barbariche, and screenwriter for the TV series “Bar Stadio” for Sky Italy. Until 2016 he wrote for Rolling Stone, The Post, Links and released the book “Il Barbecue dei panda – L’ultimo party del lavoro culturale”. Since 2016 he’s been the director of Rolling Stone Italy.

It’s a duo from Bologna and their vote is worth as one because it’s one the band they represent: the musical emanation of the famous homonymous group of writers has published two albums: Bioscop (2014) and Schegge di Shrapnel (2016). It’s Giuseppe Yu Guerra, born in 1966, who, dazzled by the punk and new wave, began playing guitar when he was only 13 years old. His experiences with groups like Tribal Noise, Loveless and Mister Tango led him to embark on a solo project under the name of Yuguerra, and after a brief stint with Nabat and a collaboration with Giorgio Canali and Freak Antoni, he joins Wu-Ming Contingent. He works with Cesare Ferioli, drummer, born in 1967, who went through the same path between punk and new wave, also in Tribal Noise. In 1986, with Jack Daniel’s Lovers, a project that investigates the roots of r’n’r, he produces an album with Steve Berlin of Los Lobos and participates to the TV show Doc by Renzo Arbore. In 1990, he pledges to blues rock with Dirty Hands, only to meet electronic music and under its influence creates with the name of Big Mojo in 2008, before joining the Wu-Ming Contingent, the electro blues album Ready Made, which was very appreciated by Don Letts and landed in the program of BBC Radio and Dancing Skeleton.


The jury awards the Best Dams Music Video 2017

Direct A Music Short (D.A.M.S.) is a contest aimed for all Italian DAMS students, sponsored and organized by the DAMS of Turin and the Seeyousound Festival. The contest is open to all students and asks participants to send a video in which the relationship between sound, music and images is articulated in an innovative and experimental, beyond the “classical” formula of the music video. A jury made up of DAMS students in Turin and from members of the Seeyousound Festival staff will establish the three winners of the contest. * The slot dedicated to Direct A Music Short is free-admission for DAMS students.


The Prize Distribution is one of the great innovations of SYS 3RD and stems from the will and the Seeyousound vision of being not only a specific cultural program, but also become a real platform for the dissemination in Italy of a musical thematic movie content. This award is a first step of a maturation process and of an increased attention to the industry sector, started since the first edition with collaborations and relationships with retailers and distributors. Our partner in this experiment is a very important subject in the Italian distribution, the Film Lab80 from Bergamo, with which Seeyousound has already cooperated several times, active since 1976, which has the real strong point of its proposal in the rich diversity of its catalog and in attention for an innovative type of film. The award is open for all Festival films that do not have already a distributor in Italy and it consists in the possibility for the winner to discuss with Lab80  Film a distribution contract of his own films in Italian cinemas.

After launching the production of Lab 80 films and started programming in several festivals, he is dedicated to the relaunch of the distribution companies in the Bergamo area. He expands the catalogue and renews its image by offering to open and pioneer cinemas some important films not considered by the commercial channels.